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If you’re planning to build a custom home or remodel your existing one in Novato, CA, you should consider working with a local home builder and remodeler. Local builders know the town’s building codes and zoning laws, can provide personalized service, and have a stake in the community. One such company is Whitney Homes.

Whitney Homes is a general contractor that has been serving Novato and surrounding areas of Marin County. They specialize in custom home building, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, additions, and fire rebuilding. Their team of skilled professionals includes architects, designers, project managers, and craftsmen who work closely with clients to bring their vision to life.

The company takes a customer-centric approach, focusing on communication and collaboration throughout the entire building or remodeling process. They provide a detailed estimate and timeline for each project, keep clients informed of progress, and address any concerns or questions promptly. They also use high-quality materials, modern equipment, and energy-efficient technology to deliver results.

Whitney Homes has established a distinguished standing within the sector, demonstrated by the multitude of accolades and contented clients they have acquired. They are members of Guild Quality and GAF to provide homeowners unbiased customer feedback to measure the performance of a local contractor. Also, they have great feedback on social media and through personal recommendations.

If you’re looking for an experienced local residential and commercial contractor in Novato, CA, Whitney Homes is an excellent choice. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and start building or remodeling your dream home.

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Why Choose Whitney Homes?

There are many benefits to choosing a general contractor company in Novato, CA for your construction needs.


Initially, engaging a local commercial contractor ensures enhanced responsibility. In case your project encounters issues at any point, it is significantly simpler to locate and get in touch with your local contractor. You are aware of their office location, which allows you to directly approach the source for addressing any concerns or difficulties. Dealing with distant commercial contractors can be challenging to connect with, potentially resulting in further delays in your commercial construction project and the possibility of receiving inferior work.

Reputation and References 

Opting for a local contractor allows you to conveniently assess their prior work. The most effective method to determine a contractor’s competence is by examining their past construction endeavors. Engaging in conversations with former clients can also provide valuable insight into their work approach. Fellow community members who have employed the contractor can share their likes, dislikes, and whether the contractor is worth hiring. Local contractors should possess a portfolio of reference projects for your examination, enabling you to appraise their abilities. Investigating a local contractor’s reputation is significantly simpler compared to remote contractors. Therefore, conducting some research and personally observing past projects should offer a solid understanding of a local contractor’s work quality and reveal if others had positive experiences collaborating with them.

High Level of Trust 

Commercial contractors in your local area generally provide a greater degree of trustworthiness. This stems from their ability to deliver a more community-oriented service. Their familiarity with the region and its weather conditions allows them to offer more informed guidance on the strategy and resources needed for your project. Consequently, they are better equipped to cater to your unique requirements and expectations compared to a distant contractor.

Direct Communication 

Opting for a local commercial contractor ensures enhanced communication. Such contractors are inclined to maintain constant updates at every phase of your project. Their familiarity with the local environment allows them to provide tailored advice based on your specific location and requirements, an aspect that remote contractors may lack. Numerous general contractors from outside the region may not possess sufficient knowledge to handle projects in compliance with local regulations. Their lack of research could lead to a complicated construction process that wastes valuable time to resolve. Local contractors possess the necessary licensing and insurance, along with an understanding of the required permits for your project. Their expertise in operating within your vicinity equips them with insights into the potential opportunities and constraints of local construction.

High Quality of Work 

Since local commercial contractors operate within a specific region, they possess a thorough understanding of the area’s regulations, policies, and laws, striving to establish a strong reputation within the local community. By developing and upholding a positive image, they can guarantee the longevity of their business. To achieve this, it is crucial for them to provide excellent project management and deliver superior workmanship.

We have established relationships with local vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors. This ensures that your project will be completed on time and within budget while utilizing high-quality materials and services. These connections also allow us to pass valuable discounts on to our clients, helping you save money on your construction project.

Overall, choosing Whitney Homes, a general contractor company in Novato, Ca is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and experienced construction team. We offer a wide range of benefits, from expert design and construction skills to an extensive network of industry connections. As a result, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Michele Edler
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I had always dreamt of a home that fit what I needed in my life. I never thought in a million years I would actually get it! I found Whitney Homes through Angie’s List and I was not disappointed. Mark Whitney came to my house, and we chatted about what was needed at that very moment; but he let me walk him through my vision for the perfect home for me. From that day he was my contractor, I have never looked back! Mark made sure that I understood everything from the beginning; we talked about my budget, the permit process (I insisted everything have permits), we talked about inspections and how everything would be looked at by a city inspector, every detail was laid out so there were no hidden surprises. My house still has more work to be completed and so far, my tv room/library is done, my floors in the kitchen and great room are in and I love how big the space is now that there are no more closet doors for days in the hallway. My new master bedroom with my master bath is in the last stages of completion as well. This is not a process for the weak, but I have learned so much about what goes into building an addition and remodeling a house. I have met the nicest people from Mark’s company as well as the plumber, drywallers, floors, tiler, roofers, cement, painters and so many more. All of them have treated my house with respect and I am grateful for that. Whitney Homes has stood by me throughout this whole process, never once have I been left to fend for myself (as in finding people to finish the job), Mark is the conductor of a very hard-working orchestra, and everyone works together to get the job done. I would recommend Whitney Homes to everyone, and I proudly have his signage in my front yard. Make that first step and just sit and talk with Mark, you will not be disappointed! I am glad I clicked his name and went through the process because my house is going to be my Dream Home in less than a year (we started in November 2021)!
James Gaydos
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Mark is one of the most knowledgeable builders I have ever worked with and has a great eye for detail. His many projects and happy clients are proof of this. He is very personable and professional. He is an ethical contractor and always has his clients' best interest at heart. He tells you what you "need" to hear, not what you "want" to hear. I know I would like to work with Mark for years to come.


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