Best Qualities To Look For in General Contractors In Santa Rosa

Whitney Homes is one of the top general contractors in the North Bay area. When it comes to residential and commercial construction in Sonoma County, you can count on our professionals to offer superb contractor services. We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional design and build solutions for ground-up construction, remodeling, commercial projects and other construction services.

What Is a General Contractor (GC)?

This is the person or company that oversees a construction project. A GC is responsible for all tools, material, labor and services used to finish a job on time and within the budget set by the owner of the property. They also hire and manage any sub-contractors needed to complete the work, including material suppliers. When using sub-contractors, the GC is responsible for making sure they are paid as well as overseeing the quality of the work they perform.

Qualities of a Great General Contractor

Let’s face it, the construction industry is filled with people that make promises and commitments and never follow through. Wading through the clutter and finding someone for your project who shows up on time, is licensed. has fair pricing, does quality work, keeps projects on schedule, and is pleasant to deal with can be a daunting task. In a nutshell, a great GC should be your friendly ally in all things related to your construction project.

That’s where we come in.


We will maintain a steady line of communication with you from the design phase all the way to site cleanup. This is critical not just for your peace of mind, but to make sure expectations are aligned with reality.

Construction projects encounter situations where details change and must be discussed, thought about, re-engineered and worked into the process. We keep you in the loop on any deviations to the plan as well as regular updates on our progress. This means you will enjoy knowing what is happening with your project at all times during construction.

Expertise and Commitment

As professional general contractors in the North Bay, we have years of experience in projects of all sizes. From commercial development to new home construction to kitchen remodels, we take great pride in our work and it shows in our portfolio.

We Love What We Do!

Customer satisfaction is a massive reason we create such beautiful projects. Another is embracing every step with the care we would take if it was our own home. To us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing a new home, remodeling project or commercial property grow from an idea on paper to an artfully completed structure.

Caring for Your Property

It was stated earlier but bears repeating: We care for your project as if it was our own home. In the construction industry, it is common to find reviews that complain about how workers damaged property during work or failed to clean up upon completion. We pride ourselves on how the job looks during construction, not just the finished product.

Safety First

Jobsite safety is a constant priority for us. Whitney Homes operates within the rules and regulations set by OSHA which helps cut down on work stoppages due to worker injury or other hazardous conditions.

Adaptable and Nimble

Even though you have planned your project details down to the last nail, stuff happens. Weather delays, sub-contractor or supplier issues or broken equipment can all bring a job to a screeching halt. Some general contractors will simply stop the job to resolve the problem. Whitney Homes has the experience to pivot to other project tasks while taking care of the issue at hand.

About Whitney Homes in Santa Rosa, CA

Led by Mark Whitney, Whitney Homes is a leading general contractor in Santa Rosa and one of the top locally-owned home builders offering services to property owners throughout Sonoma County, California, and the North Bay area. Our success and reputation can be attributed to the satisfaction of our customers and our commitment to job excellence, which are integral to our business core values.

Our company takes pride in having a complete range of construction and remodeling services. Contact our team of expert general contractors in Santa Rosa, CA for more information, ideas, and more detail on any home remodeling and your unique home projects.

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Our home construction company is headquartered in beautiful Santa Rosa, with our office on the Northern side of the city. Our local contractors provide our remodeling and construction services throughout Sonoma County and further out to some parts of the North Bay area.

Our general contractor team in Santa Rosa has many years of expert service and look forward to serving you with all of your future remodeling needs.

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