Bathroom Remodeling In Santa Rosa

Bathroom Remodeling in Santa Rosa

Expert Bathroom Design and Construction in SAnta Rosa

Similar to kitchens in older homes, some bathrooms were historically smaller with fewer amenities. More modern homes these days have an open, spacious design with a walk in shower and sitting area. Some have enough space for large tubs, a second sink, and additional storage space. We love to work with our clients to help design their unique bathrooms and ensure they have a finished product they are proud to show off.

When Remodeling a Bathroom What Should You Do First?

bathroom remodeling Sonoma CountyProper planning is crucial for bathroom remodeling projects. Start a list of bathroom remodeling ideas with goals and priorities about how you’d like the bathroom space to look and function. Consider aesthetic options like a traditional vs. a modern farmhouse look. List materials you’d like to incorporate, then move on to choosing colors. A visit to your local kitchen and bath showroom will help substantially with this.

Next, note the functionality you’d like to update in your list of bathroom remodel ideas. Is a freestanding tub in your future? Are you in need of more cabinet or drawer space? Are the fixtures in the right place for you or would you like to change the bathroom layout?

As you fill out your list, also incorporate your budget for each item. This is important to outline early on so you can stick to it and avoid nasty financial surprises later. Keep in mind the cost of bathroom remodeling can vary based on the items you’ve chosen to replace. For example, upgrades like marble countertops, subway tile, or upgraded bathroom fixtures will give you a brand new look but can add up quickly.

Lastly, make a note of how long the project is expected to take. This is critical to know since you will not have access to the bathroom being renovated while work is performed. Talk to your Whitney Homes professional to get this time estimate.

What is Included in a Bathroom Renovation?

This depends on what is included in your master project list. Examples of a typical new bathroom makeover can include:

  • Converting a walk in shower into a free standing tub
  • Installing a new shower stall with new fixtures
  • Upgrading a single bathroom vanity to a double vanity
  • Upgrades to your shower walls, shower door, shower controls or shower heads
  • Installation of towel bars, medicine cabinets, grab bars and other small bathroom fixtures
  • Installation of a new vanity with ceramic tile or subway tile
  • Demolition of bathroom walls to move fixtures, create space or fix existing plumbing
  • Installation of a new sink, toilet and new bathtub
  • Any associated electrical work
  • Installation of custom lighting
  • Bathroom floor installation/repair
  • Painting

Is Remodeling a Bathroom Worth It?

This is dependent on the details of your bathroom remodel. Are you just planning on cosmetic changes like paint, a new shower door or new fixtures? This will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom but won’t add much value if you sell the house.

If you plan on replacing major items like the toilet, shower stall or bathtub, or install a new vanity and sink, resale value comes into play. Depending on your location and the state of the housing market, bathroom remodels can provide a 50% ROI on average.

Financing Your Bathroom Renovation

bathroom remodeling near meSave up prior to starting your bathroom remodel. Paying cash for the construction can save you money. Some contractors will give a discount for cash.

Use your home equity for a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a straight loan to cover the bathroom remodel cost.

Tackle the project in stages. You can choose to renovate in manageable chunks to cut down on the amount you have to spend at one time. Even small bathroom remodels can make a big difference in aesthetics and functionality.

Consider getting a promo 0% interest credit card for the project. This is an attractive option if you can pay it off while still in the promotional period (typically 12-18 months).

Working With Your Contractor in Santa Rosa, CA

Attempting a DIY bathroom remodel yourself is admirable and can sometimes save money. However, home remodeling projects can be daunting for the average homeowner. A licensed bathroom remodeling services company will be able to guide you through the process of re-doing your bathroom. They will typically do quality work and finish the job faster. Here are some tips to help you with the process:

Review Their Previous Work
Most home or bathroom remodeling companies have portfolios of completed jobs. You can use their previous work as inspiration for your bathroom remodeling ideas.

Work Out a Schedule With Your Contractor of Choice
Nail down job start and end dates as well as what time they start and end work daily. Also, check if they work weekends or nights.

Discuss the Details of the Job
Make sure you are clear with your expectations for the project. It will be difficult to hit all of the details at the start, but the more you can define up front, the easier (and sometimes cheaper) it will be for everyone.


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