Building Up vs Building Out with Room Additions: What to Consider?

Building Up vs Building Out with Room Additions

You have two primary ways of adding on: horizontally or vertically. It often depends on its purpose – for instance, kitchen extensions often extend horizontally from their initial location. Although sometimes more than one approach might exist when designing projects. So consider both advantages and disadvantages before selecting either method as you add on.

Advantages of Building Out

Building out usually causes minimal disruption to existing spaces. Furthermore, small additions may even qualify for bump-out foundation work instead.

Disadvantages of Building Out

Building out can mean losing some of your yard, which may need a zoning variance from the City or Town if you’re within its legal property line “setback” (7 feet from the neighbor’s property).

Pros of Building Up

No yard will be lost nor any zoning restrictions like a setback or floor area ratio limits will come into play.

Cons of Building Up

Many cities or towns limit the allowable height for houses, which can be an issue when building up. If you are adding an entire extra story, taking into account for a stairwell must be included as this can take up 80 to 120 square feet or more of living space. In order to strengthen structural supports for electrical, plumbing, and heating lines in this space below, your local contractor might even have to tear apart walls and ceilings below.

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Knowing the Type of Rooms you Need

Before initiating the design-build process and setting a budget for additions or renovations, it’s important to identify first what types of rooms you will need and determine whether to build up or expand outward. 

Usual Ground Level Additions

-Family or living room

-New laundry room next to the kitchen

Garage additions

-In-Law suite

Usual Second Level Additions

-Standard Bedroom

-Master Suite

-Hobby Rooms

-Laundry rooms next to bedrooms

-Office expansion

-Private family gathering

-Over garage addition

Usual Third Level Additions

-Storage room

-Family Rooms

-Exercise room

-Master Suite

-Reading room

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What Does Each Involve? Building Up or Out

Vertical Additions

This process requires the removal of part or all of your home’s roof, staying with a hotel with the family during this process could prove helpful. Heat or AC may need to be turned off due to the renovation process as well as the water supply.

Horizontal Additions

Building a horizontal addition requires laying a solid foundation first. Next, walls must be framed before any necessary plumbing and air ducting can be added as well as roofing over it. Horizontal additions should be designed so as to blend seamlessly into existing floor plans. Failure to match between old and new portions of the home would result in a visual and functional disconnect.

Costs of Building Up vs. Building Out

Budgeting for home addition in Santa Rosa requires knowing all costs associated with either building up or out.

Building Up

Second and third story additions tend to cost more, since their roofing structures need to be completely removed and rebuilt from scratch, plus additional support structures may need to be put in place on the first floor so the second-storey addition remains stable and connected with its foundation.

Building Out

Certain additions are less costly than others. If you want an inexpensive addition that will gives your space an upgrade without financially strain you.

What to Decide?

Deciding whether to build horizontally or vertically depends upon a number of factors including property size, neighborhood zoning regulations and HOA requirements, home condition needs as well as your budget constraints.

Santa Rosa residents looking for assistance selecting an addition type that’s the right one can count on us for advice and services from start to finish, from design-build services through renovation. With Whitney Homes at their side, they will know exactly what the renovation entails as far as timeframe and costs involved are concerned.

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